Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hyde Park in the Rain

Waking up this morning I thought it was going to be like any other Sunday morning, meet Evie buy the Sunday papers, have a mid morning snooze the usual hard day! Anyway, my owner started behaving strangely (nothing new!) she presented me with a lovely new collar (Alice off the funky mutts website and matching lead and when we got in the car and we went a completely different direction. My heart sank two weeks ago a similar Sunday pouring with rain and generally grim we drove about 20 miles out of London to meet up with loads of other dogs (my worst nightmare) I was trapped in a marque with a greyhound trying its best to get its cold wet nose near my bottom, excuse me! then we had to walk miles in the rain around a woods, on the lead (boring!). Apparently, afterwards we paid some money turns out it was a sponsored walk for the Dogs Trust. It certainly got the tongues wagging back in my local park and a few strange looks after.

Anyway, I digress we didn't drive out of London we drove into central London to Hyde Park, rather nice really not too many dogs and the ones I did see seemed a rather stylish bunch especially the French Bulldog in his red devil hoodie! Only a few irritating puppies and loads of squirrels to chase the only things missing was Evie. We met up with a group and did a 7km walk which was a bit too far for my little legs so as soon as I have finished this I am retiring to my bed for a well deserved sleep.

Please don't disturb (until at least the morning)!

Keep Wagging,


Keep your eye on the Funky Mutts shop I heard my owner discussing the latest colours in the ethical coffee bean print and they really do sound the ticket, yawn, Zzz

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Kathy said...

Love your blog! Enjoy reading the dog's side of the story!