Thursday, 30 October 2008

Funky Mutts Photo Shoot

Just checking in to let you all know the news, no not that Evie is having a bath! although I certainly hope she does before Saturday, because that is when we are having the Funky Mutts photo shoot booked with the very talented Katy.
Evie and Mabel will be there and the beautiful Kate to model the Hairbands (pictured with the annoyingly cute Mabel above, Kate is the owner of Bone Rangers London's most fashionable dog walking service).
I am trying to muster some excitement about being paraded around the park in Funky Mutts latest designs (I have looked in the bag and there are quite a lot) but as yet have not quite got as excited as my strange owner! Anyway I will be reporting in after Saturday (most relived it is all over!) to fill you in on the shenanigans, if I attacked anyone, if in fact Evie did have a bath for the occasion and to confirm if Mabel really is the cutest Jack Russell on the block!
Keep Wagging!

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