Friday, 24 October 2008

Crunching in the Leaves

I am a very Funky Staffordshire Bull Terrier living in South London. I wanted to write about the fun and frolics I have in the park with Evie my fellow Staffie, she is a bit smaller than me and generally smells like a fox poo, but she is my only friend in London as I don't really like dogs much, I find them a little irritating there obsession with sticking their cold wet noses up my bum and bouncing around in front of me incredibly annoying, basically I think I am human and I have been told on occasion by the waggy tailed Evie that I am a bit of a grumpy old stick in the mud!

As the nights draw in this is a time for a Staffie to contemplate those winter nights of curling up by the fire and braving the cold weather. Evie is looking forward to yorkshire puddings and I am hoping to get a little roast beef although I am on a diet with the Vet saying I need to lose a whole 2 kgs, diet starts after Christmas, well come on! a Staffie has to dream!

My human owner has starting behaving in a strange manner, recently she spends her evening instead of watching Emerdale and Eastenders chugging away on her sewing machine, making floral dog collars which she then makes me model ,you can see some more pictures of me and Evie on her website . Not only do I have to walk around the park wearing a flowery collar (apparently this makes me look more feminine and friendly) but she insists on wearing a headband to match my street cred as top dog in the park is teetering on the edge!

Anyway I will be reporting in on a regular basis on naughty Evie’s ball pinching antics and who I have fallen out with as well as an update on my owners odd behaviour. I have to sign off now as I am being called over to the sewing machine to test out a rather pretty looking paisley print!

Keep wagging!



JSurine said...

That photo is hilarious! I can't believe you didn't need to put peanut butter on their noses to get them to do that! Haha

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

I love your Blog ! Keep up the Great work !