Thursday, 30 October 2008

Funky Mutts Photo Shoot

Just checking in to let you all know the news, no not that Evie is having a bath! although I certainly hope she does before Saturday, because that is when we are having the Funky Mutts photo shoot booked with the very talented Katy.
Evie and Mabel will be there and the beautiful Kate to model the Hairbands (pictured with the annoyingly cute Mabel above, Kate is the owner of Bone Rangers London's most fashionable dog walking service).
I am trying to muster some excitement about being paraded around the park in Funky Mutts latest designs (I have looked in the bag and there are quite a lot) but as yet have not quite got as excited as my strange owner! Anyway I will be reporting in after Saturday (most relived it is all over!) to fill you in on the shenanigans, if I attacked anyone, if in fact Evie did have a bath for the occasion and to confirm if Mabel really is the cutest Jack Russell on the block!
Keep Wagging!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hyde Park in the Rain

Waking up this morning I thought it was going to be like any other Sunday morning, meet Evie buy the Sunday papers, have a mid morning snooze the usual hard day! Anyway, my owner started behaving strangely (nothing new!) she presented me with a lovely new collar (Alice off the funky mutts website and matching lead and when we got in the car and we went a completely different direction. My heart sank two weeks ago a similar Sunday pouring with rain and generally grim we drove about 20 miles out of London to meet up with loads of other dogs (my worst nightmare) I was trapped in a marque with a greyhound trying its best to get its cold wet nose near my bottom, excuse me! then we had to walk miles in the rain around a woods, on the lead (boring!). Apparently, afterwards we paid some money turns out it was a sponsored walk for the Dogs Trust. It certainly got the tongues wagging back in my local park and a few strange looks after.

Anyway, I digress we didn't drive out of London we drove into central London to Hyde Park, rather nice really not too many dogs and the ones I did see seemed a rather stylish bunch especially the French Bulldog in his red devil hoodie! Only a few irritating puppies and loads of squirrels to chase the only things missing was Evie. We met up with a group and did a 7km walk which was a bit too far for my little legs so as soon as I have finished this I am retiring to my bed for a well deserved sleep.

Please don't disturb (until at least the morning)!

Keep Wagging,


Keep your eye on the Funky Mutts shop I heard my owner discussing the latest colours in the ethical coffee bean print and they really do sound the ticket, yawn, Zzz

Friday, 24 October 2008

Crunching in the Leaves

I am a very Funky Staffordshire Bull Terrier living in South London. I wanted to write about the fun and frolics I have in the park with Evie my fellow Staffie, she is a bit smaller than me and generally smells like a fox poo, but she is my only friend in London as I don't really like dogs much, I find them a little irritating there obsession with sticking their cold wet noses up my bum and bouncing around in front of me incredibly annoying, basically I think I am human and I have been told on occasion by the waggy tailed Evie that I am a bit of a grumpy old stick in the mud!

As the nights draw in this is a time for a Staffie to contemplate those winter nights of curling up by the fire and braving the cold weather. Evie is looking forward to yorkshire puddings and I am hoping to get a little roast beef although I am on a diet with the Vet saying I need to lose a whole 2 kgs, diet starts after Christmas, well come on! a Staffie has to dream!

My human owner has starting behaving in a strange manner, recently she spends her evening instead of watching Emerdale and Eastenders chugging away on her sewing machine, making floral dog collars which she then makes me model ,you can see some more pictures of me and Evie on her website . Not only do I have to walk around the park wearing a flowery collar (apparently this makes me look more feminine and friendly) but she insists on wearing a headband to match my street cred as top dog in the park is teetering on the edge!

Anyway I will be reporting in on a regular basis on naughty Evie’s ball pinching antics and who I have fallen out with as well as an update on my owners odd behaviour. I have to sign off now as I am being called over to the sewing machine to test out a rather pretty looking paisley print!

Keep wagging!